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Jonathan said in April 22nd, 2013 at 1:49 am

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your inspirational writing. I read a few of your posts and find some great advice on how to live a more Godly life within them. I especially like your perspective on the story of Abram and God’s call for him to bring Isaac to the mountain.

Your post gave me greater insight to the importance and role of Faith in a man’s life and I pray I have the wisdom and courage to apply those insights to my daily living.

Please excuse me as I point out something in this particular post that I think calls for more humble and critical examination – in particular where you mention that people adhering to the Muslim religion have caused more death and heartbreak than followers of any other religion.

Maybe you agree, that it is indeed regrettable that in human history we can point to the followers of any religion as causing death and heartbreak to other peoples on a significant scale.

I think if we try to be objective on the matter, we can see that even the most cherished name imaginable – that of the incomparable Lord Christ – we lamentably see that wayward and misunderstanding people have caused pain and heartbreak in the name of the Blessed Savior. How terrible and how misguided!

Yet such violent and injust actions no doubt came from ignorant minds and/or selfish motives, and, in reality, leave the name of Christ untarnished regardless of the flag that they may have waved as they carried out their designs.

If we are to be just as no doubt would please God, we must be fair and not lash out emotionally at other groups, or those we perceive as misguided, without extending to them the same kind of love for justice and righteousness and fair examination that we would hope and even expect others would extend towards ourselves.

Thank you for considering my reply and I wish you all the best, and hope you continue to write and continue to inspire others from all walks of life with your noble and enlightened ideas!

Jonathan Strauss

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Daniel J. Koren said in April 22nd, 2013 at 9:27 am

Thank you for pointing out a perceived flaw. I hold nothing against Muslim people. The emphasis was for the sake of highlighting the end result to help prevent people from following the same mistakes others have made.